Q: What types of special issues will ideally be published in AmLit?

A: The guest editors of each special issue decide on the individual topic. The general editors select suitable topics for special issues based on submissions from potential guest editors. We allow for topics from the broad range of American literatures, including Canadian and Latinx and South American writing.


Q: Which articles are published in AmLit?

A: We are looking for cutting-edge, innovative essays (as well as book reviews) in the wide realm of American literatures. Each article should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words long (book reviews: 1,000 words) and will undergo a process of double-blind peer reviewing. Please refer to the Instructions for Contributors for details.


Q: In which form will the journal appear?

A: For the time being, AmLit will appear biannually (April and October) as an open-access online journal. In the long run, we are considering publications in print form.


Q: What are the costs of publishing with AmLit?

A: There are no costs whatsoever for contributors. All costs for editing are covered by the University of Graz.


Q: How long does the process from submitting a manuscript to publication in the journal take?

A: Ca. 15 months from first abstract to publication. Regular editions are planned for April and October. We would need a final version of a special issue approx. 5 months before, to be double-checked with the contributors and polished.


Q: In which language(s) are articles in AmLit published?

A: For now, AmLit will only appear in English. We are considering a special issue in another or more than one language.


Q: Do you accept articles that have previously been published (in another language) or are under consideration with another publisher?

A: The essays to be published with AmLit – American Literatures should be original essays that have not been published before.


Q: Do you accept co-authored articles?

A: Yes, if the article has not previously been published.


Q: Am I allowed to share my article published in AmLit or republish it?

A: Since AmLit is an open-access journal under the Creative Commons License 4.0 and according to the open access principles of the journal, all rights are retained by the author(s). Therefore, you are free to share your article in any version (we encourage using the published version) at any given time from publication, and may also republish it without asking for permission, as long as you acknowledge the original publication in AmLit (bibliographical citation).


Q: I’m having technical issues with www.amlit.eu. Who can I contact for help?

A:  If you have problems logging in, registering or other technical problems please read this guide.  If you still encouter problems, send us an email to amlit-journal@uni-graz.at, including the error message.


Q: Will referees be reimbursed for contributing a review of an article, essay, or book?

 A: Peer reviewers provide reviews of essays, articles, and books as voluntary service to their discipline and shall receive no financial compensation.


Q: Which license will apply to my published article?

 A: AmLit publishes articles under the Creative Commons License 4.0 International (CCBY). The full terms and conditions of the license can be viewed at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode.